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Social media as a platform and an echo chamber

Social media as a platform and an echo chamber

Addidas Interactive Store

Addidas Interactive Store

April 2013

Story 1: Social media can empower young leaders in several ways. One, it can provide them with a platform upon which they can speak and talk about the things that matter most to them whether that’s a social issue, a political issue, an issue that is more civic or personal to them. Two, I think it provides an echo chamber. It allows them to take that message and share with a broad audience, one that will reach beyond their sort of local audience, their family, their community, their school. I think prior to social media platforms like Twitter, or Pinterest, or Tumblr it was often the case that one, especially a young person, one in high school or not yet having graduated would be able to write a story in his or her newspaper. Perhaps they could post something online and this might be sort of even acknowledging that Facebook is a central and powerful tool in social media. But now it’s the case that a young person can upload a video or send a Tweet and it literally can be heard around the world. So I think that those two things, one providing them with a platform and then an echo chamber upon which that platform can be used are really powerful in helping young leaders find their political footing and become socially engaged in that way.

Story 2: Adidas is taking window shopping to a new level with an interactive digital window concept that connects with consumers’ smartphones making it magically easy to shop at any time without an app or scanning various QR codes. German teens shopping for the latest fashion items will use it for the first time during a six-week pilot test at the adidas NEO Label store-front in Nürnberg.

Vice President Global Retail Environments adidas Brand, Ted Mager said: “After the success of the Social Media Mirror, one of our latest retail innovations, we’re excited to prove our innovation leadership yet again by introducing the latest advancement in window shopping. Our NEO teen fashion label offers the perfect environment to test this new and stimulating shopping experience because for us NEO means new: new by definition, new in concept and new in spirit.”

The new storefront window is a fully functioning virtual store with life-size products. The intuitive interface of the touch-screen window lets shoppers explore, play and drag life-size products they are interested in directly into their smartphone for easy and convenient purchase from adidas NEO online.

By visiting a simple URL via their smartphone and typing in a one-time PIN, the shopper’s mobile becomes interlinked in real time with a shopping bag on the window, showing a live view of its contents. Any product dropped into the window’s shopping bag instantly appears on the mobile. The shopper can edit product details, save products for immediate or later purchase and share with friends through social media or email.

Shoppers can also play with a life-size digital model showcasing NEO’s fashion range in a fun and engaging way. By touching hotspots on the window the shopper can make the mannequin show product details, interact with the product and make playful actions and movements.

The adidas WindowShopping experience is now live at the NEO store at Breite Gasse 46, Nürnberg, Germany. The adidas WindowShopping experience was developed in a co-operation between adidas and TBWAHelsinki, part of the TBWA Worldwide network. The WindowShopping (WiSh) platform is a trademark and patent pending product from TBWA.

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