Huawei Launched iTalent@Digital Solution to Enable National ICT Talent Development

[Singapore, 2 July 2018] Huawei launched the iTalent@Digital Solution for National Information Communications Technology (ICT) Talent Development to prepare the workforce for the digital age. Witnessed by Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak (Centex) Malaysia, the state government of Sarawak Malaysia and other guests, Huawei provides insights on ICT talent supply and demand, national ICT competency standard and curriculum design and development to assure the talent pool build up. It addresses the up-skilling and re-skilling challenges that the industry is currently facing.

The iTalent@Digital Solution will bridge the gap of digital competency by offering industrial-oriented and practical based ICT training program. The program is conducted through learning cloud which allows the ICT professionals to upgrade themselves anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, ICT professionals who attended the program will receive a globally recognized certificate which will value-add to their career path in the industry.

“Huawei provides a customized end-to-end competence development solution to nurture talents with the right skills and know-how to support public sector and organization’s strategy and transformation. In this region, we are partnering with the state government of Sarawak Malaysia to produce a series of programs that will address the local need,”James Xu, Head of Global Learning Service, Huawei.

“The entire world, including Malaysia is focusing on digital economy, fueled by big data, cloud computing, blockchains, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, automation, robotics and more. Sarawak needs to be part of the digital economy to boost our country’s GDP,” said Sabariah Putit, Deputy State Secretary of Sarawak Malaysia.

According to Haji Syeed Mohd Hussien, Chief Executive Officer of Centexs Malaysia, “The key enablers that will drive the transformation of Sarawak’s digital economy are digital infrastructure, digital skills and talent management, research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship, big data, cyber security and digital inclusivity. This has to be a collaborative effect between the government, private business sector and the community of Sarawak, so that we can leverage from each other to leapfrog in the transformation.”

“Through the partnership with Huawei, we are launching the iTalent@Digital Solution to ensure the ICT skillset of our workforce meets the transformation,” he added.

A discussion was conducted during the session to address the three key challenges that were identified, namely the up-skilling and re-skilling of ICT talents, motivation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and facility, as well as the concern on strategy and leadership. Representatives from Singapore Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore SGTech, Philippines Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia Sarawak Multimedia Authority, Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak (Centex) Malaysia, Hong Kong CMI, SFIA Foundation and several more influencers from the industry have shared their opinions and ideas to tackle the challenges.

The rapid update of technology and business models in the new digital era will require new roles and skillsets. Continuous training and talent development programs will boost the competency and capabilities to ensure the talent supply meets the industry demands. This event themed‘Re-skilling for the Digital Age – A Seminar on Future Talent’ was held in conjunction with one of the largest Technology Trade Show – ConnecTechAsia 2018 in Singapore.

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